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Emblem explanations
(defined by Mastery Scores)


There can only be one God :). God is a player whose CURRENT ingame champion Mastery Score is highest of all players relative to BOTH teams. God doesn't mean a player is unkillable. It just means that (s)he has most experience playing a specific champion. That being said - think twice before turret diving low health.


Main emblem is obtained by playing a champion who (s)he has the HIGHEST Mastery Score with (relative to other his/her champions played). This player most likely loves this champion the most and thus knows when & where to push its limits.
NOTE*: if player is playing a MAIN champion and s(he) has good enough stats to obtain "pro" or "god" emblem, his/her emblem will display the latter ones. To obtain "Main" emblem your champion has to be ranked as 1. champion in your TOP 3.

Exp aka experienced player

If player has an "Exp" emblem, it means that this player has the highest TOTAL MScore of all champions played. This emblem doesn't necessarily mean that this player has excellent mechanics with current champion. It barely means that this player has more experience playing League of Legends overall. This player is more likely to win by a macrogame than by overplaying (but not necessarily).
NOTE*: if player is playing a EXP champion and s(he) has good enough stats to obtain "god" emblem, his/her emblem will display the latter one.


Pro is a player who excels in more than above-average Mastery Score. (S)he has very high experience playing that specific champion. (S)he can most likely outplay players in unexpected situations. Score of a player with an emblem "Pro" has to be higher than: ("average score for all players" + "highest score of all players") / 2 .
NOTE*: "Pro" emblem can also be obtained by playing a MAIN champion whose score is above the average.*

You didn't get an emblem this game? Don't worry! Emblem is generated automatically every single game. Emblem is relative to other champions - it changes every game. Furthermore its' intention is to let you know how well do you rank relative to other players in current game. Use this information wisely to make game-winning decisions.